Summary of Claims Process

If we accept your case, and you have not already done so, a claim letter will be submitted to the insurance company.  Unless you have specific coverage for viruses and/or pandemics, insurance companies are currently denying all claims for business interruption associated in any way with the Covid-19 pandemic, the government’s response and the resulting economic turmoil.

Once a written denial of the insurance claim is received from the company, we will then bring a court action against the company to establish that under your insurance policy you are entitled to benefits for the interruption of business and loss.

If we prevail in establishing that there is coverage, in order to recover money, we must then demonstrate to the insurance company that your business incurred a loss. We will prove the loss by presenting your business’s historical documentation (e.g. profit and loss statements, tax returns, etc.) and providing information, including gross profits, net profits, cost of goods or services sold, overhead, and an accounting of the expenses incurred while your business was interrupted along with a projection of lost sales or services or loss of inventory.  Once your business loss is proven, the insurance company will be required to make payment under the terms of the insurance policy.

Our firm is entitled to payment only after you collect money.  NO RECOVERY – NO FEE.

To discuss a potential claim, please call Samuel Karpel, Esq. at (718) 249-2202 or e-mail at

**Attorney Advertising.  Until a retainer agreement is signed with our firm, we do not represent the claimant. **