Business Interruption / Covid-19 Claims

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented harm to businesses across the United States. For years many businesses have faithfully paid their insurance premiums for policies that include business interruption coverage with the belief that if a catastrophic event occurred, the insurance company would quickly rise to the occasion and assist them financially. Unfortunately, the insurance companies are now universally denying all claims relating to business interruption and loss of revenue due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since the Covid-19 crisis began we have reviewed numerous insurance policies that include business interruption coverage and we believe that, with respect to at least some of the policies, there may be viable claims.  We believe that through litigation we may prevail and then start the process to collect money for insureds and recoup their business losses.

We are willing to review insurance policies and speak with the insured (as every case has its own particular details)  to understand any potential claim, for no fee. If we believe there is a viable claim, and the case is appropriate for our firm, we are agreeable to submit a claim and bring a civil action upon denial of a claim under a contingent fee agreement, meaning that we only get paid if we recover money from the insurance carrier.

In addition, we do not believe that a business which obtained money from the government under a stimulus bill or program (such as the Paycheck Protection Program) is prohibited from recovery from its insurance company.

If you are interested in potentially moving forward with a claim please email Samuel Karpel at a full copy of the policy, along with the business name, address, approximate gross revenue and the number of employees, and a copy of any recent notice you received from the insurance company regarding coverage.